Festival Fatigue? Radara to the Rescue!

30th August 2017

We all know the score after a wonderful weekend at a festival. Fun times dancing, and perhaps slightly overdoing it on the vino is DEFINITELY reflected in the appearance once you get home. Tired eyes and dehydrated skin as the post-festival blues sink in. Thankfully, Radara is here to pick us up again with a skincare regime targeted at repairing, rejuvenating and replenishing the eye area.

Using unique micro-channelling technology that directly delivers high purity, natural hyaluronic acid, Radara patches visibly reduce crow’s feet whilst restoring skin quality. The innovative approach means that hyaluronic acid serum is able to flow through newly created micro-channels to the skin’s barrier, penetrating the deeper layers where it is most needed to hydrate and refresh the skin. Ideal to brighten up those tired looking eyes!

Earlier this month, EBWPR and Radara took a group of journalists to the Green Man festival to put Radara to the ultimate test. The weekend began on a Friday afternoon, travelling from London to the gorgeous Brecon Beacons, where we all prepared for a weekend in the Welsh countryside! EBWPR swiftly made way for Hotel Bell Tent, the luxury camping accommodation for the weekend, to place branded tote bags full of goodies such as Radara sleep masks and Radara product for our guests to enjoy during the weekend. Once settled in, we all pulled on our sleep masks for some beauty sleep, ready for the weekend ahead.

The following morning, EBWPR headed for breakfast with our guests, where we found a huge, red, double decker bus decked out as ‘The Tea Stop’. We found a spot to enjoy a classic breakfast before exploring the grounds of Green Man. Later that afternoon, EBWPR and the journalists were joined by Radara Scientist, Natalie De Mello, as we all sat down to lunch ready to discuss this latest innovation in skin care. Natalie and EBWPR talked through the patented technology, case studies and results, before introducing exciting product developments in the pipelines.

As the presentation ended, everyone was eager to witness Radara’s results first hand. So we headed out to experience all the festival had to offer. We had our palms read, explored the healthy Nature and Nurture area with yoga tents, osteopathy and shiatsu on offer (I mean, it was inevitable really!) before heading off to listen to the bands and dance the night away!