Feeling a lunchtime barre burn with a new barrecore class

24th November 2016

What equates to the perfect lunch hour? Perhaps a chance to take a break from your desk, enjoy a nutritious (yet indulgent) lunch, hydrate on a healthy juice and, if time allows, the chance to exercise and reinvigorate our bodies.

We’re all after a lunchtime pick-me-up and barrecore provided the perfect solution with the exclusive press launch of its new Signature Express Class, set to grace the timetables in January, the perfect time to motivate people to keep up their new years’ fitness resolutions.

Incorporating iconic barrecore moves, the Signature Express Class is fast-paced and full of high-intensity cardio bursts to make every minute count. Suitable for all fitness levels and body shapes, the class keeps the body guessing with an extended section on either the upper body (arms, abs and core) or lower body (calves, thighs and seat) to ensure optimal burnout for rapid change.

The journalists arrived at the Mayfair studio at 12:45pm. Armed with their barrecore socks, the 45-minute class started at 1:00pm and was led by founder, Niki Rein. With a focus on the seat, the journalists well and truly felt the barre burn with Cosmopolitan’s Becci Vallis saying “I came, I barred, I conquered. The new Express Class is right up my street” and Huffington Post’s Brogan Driscoll stating; “high-intensity cardio bursts and signature bum-clenching leg shaking barrecore moves. It was hard, really hard. But also great”.

Afterwards, the journalists were able to mingle with the EBWPR team to discuss their thoughts and enjoy a delicious takeaway breakfast from Pollen & Grace, before heading back to the office, invigorated, energised and ready for a productive afternoon.