September 20, 2018

The Importance of Attending Congresses

As an established speaker, author and trainer in the aesthetics industry, I have been lucky enough to attend a wide variety of congresses over my career in a wide capacity of roles, and even more fortunate to be an invited speaker. If you’ve attended even one congress in the past, you will know how valuable they can be when it comes to promoting your business interests, furthering your knowledge, meeting key industry leaders, and even getting your own name out there. However, if you’ve yet to attend an industry congress, you may be missing out on a vital opportunity…

The Chance to Learn

There are no learning opportunities quite like congresses! Though the sheer amount of information on offer might be overwhelming – a bit of advanced prep and planning can help you prioritise and identify valuable information to take back to your clinic to help support the day-to-day running of your business. From expert business advice, clinical training and live demonstrations, industry breakthroughs, and new product launches there is plenty on offer, so have a look at the congress schedule beforehand to highlight those most useful sessions for you and your team.

Networking to Success

Whilst we all value the opportunity to boost our knowledge and skills – in the digital age, most of this information will be at your fingertips anyway. However,the internet can’t replace the power of a face-to-face meeting and networking session, which is where congresses can be really valuable for your business and reputation. Taking the chance to meet and get to know your industry peers can open up opportunities you may not have even thought of – from commercial partnerships to clinical collaborations, so it is crucial to leave time in your plan for some networking sessions to introduce yourself and forge new professional relationships. For more on networking, please do have a look at my previous blog!

Showcase Yourself

You might not realise it, but you have plenty to offer at congresses too! As keen as you are to meet other industry leaders, there will be plenty there eager to meet you, also. Whilst building your professional network, think about what you can offer others, and use this to position yourself as an expert. Whether presenting your research, leading a live demonstration or sharing your business expertise – being seen on stage at a congress will help bolster your reputation within the industry, both in terms of peers and also potential clients and business partners.

My Upcoming Congresses

Throughout my career, I have enjoyed delivering informative, engaging presentations at various congresses – my core topics usually focus on helping aesthetics professionals to enhance their PR and Marketing strategies, build a leading reputation and maximise their business. For my upcoming appearances, including at this year’s BCAM Conference and CCR Expo, make sure you take a look at my website and I hope to see you soon!

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